Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011

Harmony of Chocolate from Yogyakarta

Find this peace of treasure in Ace Hardware Bekasi

Made in Indonesia by Belgian Chocolatier... :)

Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Chocolate Drink as a Trend

Chocolate drink is now becoming a very healthy alternative and popular for those who do not like coffee. Chocolate was popularized by the Maya as food energy booster. Initially consumed in ground form and mixed with water as a beverage. The Spaniards was the first one who started to add brown sugar in the drink so that it becomes more enjoyable. Until the 17th century, chocolate drinks are very popular in mainland Europe, but only a drink of the nobility.

Chocolate drinks are very popular both in children, adolescents, adults, even by those who have aged, it tastes delicious. Can be consumed hot or cold, plus ice cubes or blended with pieces of ice cubes and added by milk or whipcream foam. 

So many variations of chocolate drinks that can be made, we can explore endlessly with this type of beverage. Some people like to add flavorings or spices in it, for examplethe aroma of fresh citrus, peach, strawberry, mint, and cinnamon powder, kapolaga, even pepper.

To make a delicious chocolate drinks, the most fundamental thing is, always use high quality chocolate, called couverture chocolate. With chocolate using 100% cocoa butter, you will get the scent of chocolate chocolate drink that is thick once it passes through your throat. Delicious truly unforgettable.